Taqat Alfayhaa for oil services

Taqat Alfayhaa founders have all the needed experience in all the relevant areas, even before it was officially registered; such experience includes administrative, financial, legal and technical sides, which in turn guarantees that only the best services will be provided to our customers with the highest possible quality…


We adopt a strict quality control policy. Being totally aware that quality insufficiency can cause tremendous damages not only to equipment and facilities but also to humans themselves, that’s where we take no chances. Therefore, all stages of our projects are subject to multiple levels of quality control practices, not to mention inspection and testing procedures to avoid any probable mistakes.

Our fleet

TAQAT ALFAYHAA Company has a versatile fleet of vehicles to transport individuals, products and equipment all over Iraq. Our vehicles are of various renowned brands and come from the best manufacturers in the whole world, to ensure both efficiency and safety of the transportation process. Plus, we continue to bring the most cutting-edge vehicles and machinery to load and unload our heavy duty trucks and tankers. And we tend to expand our fleet to be able to accommodate the increasing demand in the market, that’s how we serve our customers through top-notch technologies.

Our staff

Human resources are very important to us, since we believe that they are our most valuable assets. TAQAT ALFAYHAA Company understands that it derives its strength mainly from its human resources’ strengths and experiences as they are the main factor that determines the company’s future. Therefore, we spare no efforts in trying to develop our staff and qualify them both technically and personally. So, we set a definite combination of acceptance criteria for newcomers, providing that those criteria are clear and goal-oriented.
On the other side, we continue to provide our personnel with regular courses and trainings to keep them updated on the latest techniques in the market and to boost their competency. The market never stops evolving day by day, and we have to keep up with it, so, those courses do not include only technical aspects, but also administrative aspects to increase the company’s effectiveness and achieve a smoother workflow.

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