About us

Taqat Alfayhaa founders have all the needed experience in all the relevant areas, even before it was officially registered; such experience includes administrative, financial, legal and technical sides, which in turn guarantees that only the best services will be provided to our customers with the highest possible quality.
We provide top-notch services to our customers 24/7 at extremely competitive prices. Taqat Alfayhaa also embraces some highly professional practices, when dealing with employees and customers alike. This professionalism lends itself to the forward-looking attitude of the company, wishing to increase our share of the global market. Our journey towards achieving this goal is guided by our customers’ trust, of which we gain more and more each day.
Our company is trusted by a great portion of the biggest customers in the Iraqi market and the whole Middle East, from both public and private sectors, including reputable importers, power plants and oil & gas companies. This is in no way a coincidence; it’s the natural outcome of persistent efforts exerted by the company’s management to meet its customers’ expectations and needs, our professionalism when dealing with various issues, and our complete adherence to the terms of our contracts between clients and us, regarding technical specifications and the delivery time frame.