Oil and Gas services

We are dedicated to provide top-notch services for oil & gas industries; Taqat Alfayhaa works, on a large scale, in the field of oil services. We cooperate with big companies in the oil & gas industry, providing them with various solutions in relation to logistics needs and the importation of their oil well chemicals and drilling fluids, in addition to providing equipment, machinery and most importantly chemicals that are needed for drilling processes. Besides, testing and inspection services, whether offshore or onshore.
Furthermore, our Drilling and Completion Fluids team provides a full range of Drilling and Completion Fluids Solutions from oil based and water-based muds to non-damaging drill-in fluids and completion brines and associated filtration and wellbore cleanup equipment. Our fluids team bring extensive industry experience and expertise from some of the world’s most technically challenging HTHP, ERD and deep-water drilling environments.